What is included with the season ticket?
The season ticket is personal and you can use it both on the Uddevalla tour and the Ljungskile tour during the whole season. You are also entitled to 10% discount on all our cruises with m/s Byfjorden.

Is the pensioners discount also available to me with an early retirement due to illness?
Yes, with prof from Försäkringskassan.

Does the season tickets discount also apply to the pensioner prices?
Yes, you are entitled to 10% discount on the package deals on our cruises.

Can I bring my dog with me onboard the Skärgårdsbåtarna?
Yes, but only on deck not in the salons.

Can I bring by pushchair?
Yes, if there is enough space.

There is a changing table in the cloakroom facilities onboard Byfjorden.
Gustafsberg II was built in 1898 and the space is limited.
There are steeps down to the deck to get onboard M/s Sunningen.

Are the boats accessible for wheelchairs?
Yes and no. Byfjorden has a ramp to get onboard and ashore. There is also a ramp in to the salon. m/s Sunningen has a lift, it’s a tappet that you hock on to a basket in which the guest is genteelly and securely lifted onboard. This needs to be pre-booked, and we can only offer this service at Södra hamnen Uddevalla. m/s Gustafsberg has stairs and a very high threshold.

Does my personal assistant accompany me free of charge?
Yes, always.

How many wheelchairs are allowed onboard at once?
Four onboard m/s Byfjorden and two onboard m/s Sunningen this is due to health and safety demands from DVLA if an evacuation was required.

Where can I park my car if I was going on a day/evening Cruise from Uddevalla with m/s Byfjorden?
We recommend that you park by the swimming area approx. 150 m walk from the boat. The cost is 20 kr/day.  

How do I pay onboard?
You pay on card onboard al the boats (visa and MasterCard).

Can you send an invoice?
Yes, Companies, Schools and compounds can apply for billing when booking a cruise, minimum numbers of 10.   

Do I have to pre-book?
No, not on the Ljungskile tour or the Uddevalla tour.
Yes, you need to pre-book on our day/evening Cruises.    

Can you cancel a tour?
Yes, we reserve the right to cancel any tours with less than 20 pre-booked spaces 24 hours before scheduled set-of.  

Will the boats run in all weathers?
A trip might be canceled due to strong winds for safety reasons.  

Is there a Kiosk onboard the boats?
Yes, we sell drinks, ice-cream, coffee and cakes.

Is there a toilet onboard the boats?
Yes there are cloakroom facilities on all the boats.

Am I allowed to consume alcohol onboard?
No according to the alcohol act it’s not allowed to drink alcohol in a public place.
This applies on m/s Sunningen and m/s Gustafsberg, onboard Byfjorden we hold a license and you can by alcoholic beverages in our bar.