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Day cruise Åstol

Åstol is a very striking sight. The unique rocky island looks as if it has been thrust out of Västerhavet, complete with a mass of white wooden houses which appear to cover almost the entire island. Its bedrock consists of smoothly eroded amphibolite, a volcanic rock type, on which plants have managed to grow in small valleys despite the harsh conditions here. The light from the surrounding sea and the sense of calm gives the whole island a very special atmosphere. The narrow, car-free streets meander between the houses and in the middle of the island there is a lush little park with a memorial to lost fishermen. A couple of hours are enough to get around the island, enjoying the beautiful views, the boathouses and the rocks. Take a dipp at Klockareudden a natural rock pool filled with salt-water, a water slide and a sandy bottom. Pater Nosterskären to the west can be seen from the water tower on Store Varn, and Carlstens Fortress can be seen on Marstrand, to the south.

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