Ett par som åkt på en mysig båtutflykt i skärgården. Och där skärgårdsbåtarna även erbjuder olika typer av utflyktspaket.

Common questions

What about the season pass?

The season ticket is personal and is valid on both Uddevallaturen and Ljungskileturen all season.

Senior discount also for disability pensioners?

Yes, upon presentation of a certificate from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

Can I bring my dog with me?

Yes, if you stay out on deck with it, not in the salon.

Can I bring a stroller?

Yes, if there’s space. The boat Byfjorden has a toilet with a changing table.
Gustafsberg II was built in 1898 and the spaces on board are cramped.
M/S Sunningen has a staircase down to the deck when boarding.

Are the boats accessible?

Yes and no. On the boat Byfjorden there are ramps to get on board and ashore as well as a ramp into the boat’s saloon. On the boat Sunningen there is an elevator that is a lifting arm that you hook on a basket where the person is strapped and gently hoisted on board. This must be pre-booked, and boarding can only take place in Södra Hamnen Uddevalla. The boat Gustafsberg II has stairs and a high storm threshold. 

How many wheelchairs are you allowed on board?

Four on m/s Byfjorden, two on m/s Sunningen due to safety requirements from the Swedish Transport Agency in case of evacuation.

Do escorts travel for free?

Yes, always. When booking a package holiday, the escort only pays for the food, not the boat trip. 

Are there vegetarian options?

There will always be vegetarian options, but the menu varies week by week.

Where can you park your car if you are going on a day cruise or evening cruise from Uddevalla with m/s Byfjorden?

We recommend the parking at the swimming pool approx. 150 m walk to the boat. Price 20 SEK/day.

How can you pay on board?

You pay by card or Swish on board all ships (VISA and MasterCard).

Is it possible to pay by invoice?

Yes, companies, schools and associations can apply for billing on cruises with at least 10 people.

Do you have to pre-book a place?

No, on Ljungskileturen and Uddevallaturen we do not have pre-booking.
Yes, on day cruises and evening cruises you have to pre-book your seat.

Can tours be cancelled?

Yes, the shipping company reserves the right to cancel cruises with fewer than 40 pre-booked no later than 72 hours before departure.

Do the boats run in all weathers?

In case of hard winds, tours can be cancelled due to safety.

Is there a kiosk on board?

Yes, we sell drinks, ice cream, coffee and cakes.

Is there a toilet on board?

Yes, on all ships there is a toilet.

Can I drink alcohol on board?

No, according to the Alcohol Act, you are not allowed to drink alcohol in a public place. This applies at Sunningen and Gustafsberg II, on Byfjorden we have an alcohol permit and there you can buy alcoholic beverages in our bar.

Is it possible to bring a bike on board?

Yes, in the care of space.

Do you need to pre-report allergies?