The City´s finest heritage

Our history dates back over a hundred years and we are proud to chare it. The archipelago boats are today an obvious part of our city and it´s marine environment, both for our residents and out tourists and that is how we want it to remain. We who have the privilege of working with the boats know all about both the seriousness and joy in it. We are in the process of refining one of the city´s finest heritage and we do so with pride. 

Have trafficed the fjords since th 19th century

In 1876 the steamboat company Bohuslänska Kusten was formed and they, among other things, started scheduled tours between central Uddevalla and the charming seaside resort Gustafsberg with m/s Gustafsberg II. The largest steamboat fleet the shipping company has held is 16 boats. This was when they trafficked Gothenburg, Marstrand, Uddevalla and Strömstad. Gustafsberg II, or “Gustaf” which she is called, was built at Göteborgs Mekaniska Werkstad during union time, 1898, and is our oldest boat. World war II coal prices led to that the company went bankrupt in 1949 and the boats m/s Sunningen and m/s Gustafsberg II were sold to The City of Uddevalla. 

Come along on a tour in our archipelago

Onboard our archipelago boats you can taste the sea´s delights while watching the sun go down. The best thing is that you can experience the archipelago from the sea summer as autumn, winter as spring. From May to September, the Archipelago boats run regular cruises but the boats are available to charter all year round.