About us


Uddevalla Turism AB is a municipal company where Uddevalla municipality owns all the company’s shares and the municipal board has a duty to supervise the company.


The company’s board consists of five politicians appointed by the municipal council over a four-year period.


The company has a CEO with three permanent employees. And about twenty seasonal workers.


The company’s purpose is to promote tourism, contribute to the development of the hospitality industry and the active outdoor life in Uddevalla municipality. To increase accessibility to Uddevalla municipality’s archipelago, offer experiences in the archipelago environment, preserve and spread knowledge about the historic archipelago boats and enable and encourage overnight stays and nature experiences on Bassholmen. The meaning of the purpose is also to contribute to strengthening Uddevalla municipality’s brand.

We work with sustainability

Our vision is to create sustainable experiences on board archipelago boats in Uddevalla and Bohuslän all year round.

Our work with sustainability is partly about improving and constantly developing our products, contributing to a sustainable environment by carefully selecting and evaluating means of transport, products, suppliers and partners. We work to sustainably develop our organization and develop the skills of our staff. In 2018, we will, among other things, work on two new sustainability projects.

From road to water without discharge

Skärgårdsbåtarna have through a feasibility study 2018/2019 investigated the possibilities of moving traffic from the roads to the water and thus contribute to relieving the road network, and that travel becomes more environmentally efficient. Traveling on water is safer than traveling on land and waterways require much less maintenance than the road on land requires. If you can also replace diesel engines with electric motors, the trips will be more environmentally efficient. The study shows a solution where public transport and leasure traffic are combined, so that our and others’ boats can be used in a more efficient way and contribute to a more sustainable world. The project was partly funded by the EU and Leader Södra Bohuslän.

To watch the film about parts of the study, click here.

We drive on ecopar

We drive m / s Gustafsberg with the fuel ECOPAR. ECOPAR is an environmentally friendly alternative and an ultra-clean fuel for, among other things, diesel engines, you can even drink it. Like EcoPar, we want to reduce the negative impact on the local environment where many of us live and work, as well as on the global environment with reduced CO2 production and to lower impact on greenhouse gases. 

Honk, honk for EcoPar!

SWedish welcome

Skärgårdsbåtarna i Uddevalla har besökare från hela Sverige där kraven på oss att motsvara besökarnas förväntningarna är höga. För att ständigt arbeta med kvalité och värdskap samt ekologisk, ekonomisk och social utveckling är vi medlemmar i Swedish Welcome som aktivt arbetar med utvecklingsmetoder för turismaktörer. 

Här kan du läsa mer om Swedish Welcome

 Åk mer båt!